Managed Security Services


Security To Fit Your Needs

When most people think about network security, they think about protecting their network from problems on the outside. But many security problems happen from the inside out. As employees continue to rely on personal and mobile devices to access data, your organization’s potential exposure to viruses and security risks grows.


It’s no secret that the internet can be a challenge for network security. But, did you know you’re more likely to pick up malicious content using a search engine versus counterfeit software? And over 100 times more likely by clicking into an online advertisement versus an adults-only site. Today’s cybercriminals are targeting the sites you’re more likely to access, including news and business websites. In fact, the most common online activities can carry the most risk.

Our firewall solutions arm you with network intelligence and control. INX Open uses tools that enforce security based on the entire context of a situation, including who the user is, what application or website the user is trying to access, where the access originates, when it occurs and how the access is being attempted.

As bring-your-own-device workplaces become the norm, businesses need security solutions that can determine which devices are authorized to access the network and which ones aren’t. We can implement a firewall solution that prevents unauthorized devices from connecting to your network and ensures authorized devices have the appropriate security safeguards in place. This gives you more peace of mind knowing your users aren’t saddled with the burden of determining what content is and isn’t appropriate.


Protecting network performance during the transition to VoIP requires an analysis and understanding of your existing network characteristics. Businesses of all sizes can’t afford to experience sub-optimal performance during the period of project implementation. We can verify a new network configuration meets project requirements or identify any failings and mitigate the risk.

How old is your security plan? Let INX Open get you up to date.