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Just about any area of your business can be hectic and prone to stress, but there’s a special kind of pressure when it comes to IT. When a server goes down in the middle of a workday, it means instant losses in productivity. Plus, fixing a downed server can be messy, confusing and require a service call to an outside provider.

Besides keeping your technology up and running, IT professionals face a constant pressure to stay one step ahead when it comes to new technology and industry best practices. And we can’t forget the end users. They need help and guidance as they learn how to use your business technology and quality support when they run into issues.

With all that, it’s no wonder there’s a growing number of businesses choosing to work with Managed IT Service providers.

We offer high-end expertise to help you manage your IT infrastructure, while providing a friendly voice at the end of the line for end users in need of support. By helping businesses manage the day-to-day maintenance and support responsibilities, they are able to run their businesses more effectively.

With Managed IT Services, organizations stay up-to-date with the latest business technologies without adding additional expenses. IT Managed Services clients receive Managed IT support and regular maintenance upgrades to their IT infrastructure.

Since Managed IT allows businesses to hand over the responsibility of infrastructure issues, connection problems and software downtime to a Managed Services provider, they’re no longer tasked with patching together solutions or crossing their fingers to hope this next fix is the right one. With the burden of office IT support taken off the shoulders of your internal tech department, they are able to focus on efforts that move your business forward.


INX Open’s Managed IT Services are built to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. We work with large organizations looking to offload the day-to-day tasks taking up too much of their internal staff’s time. On the other end of the spectrum, small businesses that don’t have an information technology department can have all of their office IT help taken care of.

Any business, regardless of size, has probably struggled to recruit and hire internal IT staff that have the right capabilities and qualifications for the organization. Managed IT Services can be a long-term, cost-effective solution for businesses experiencing staffing issues. From small business support to larger organizations, Managed IT can be as comprehensive as you need it to be.


Many of our clients wonder about the comparison of break/fix versus Managed IT Services. Break/fix is a model where solutions to IT problems are figured out after a problem has already occurred. If you’ve ever encountered a broken piece of business technology and worked to solve it, you’ve experienced break/fixing. In other words, break/fixing is a reactive way of managing IT needs.

On the other hand, the Managed IT model is a proactive approach to business IT. With the use of 24/7 monitoring, Managed IT makes it possible to find small issues before they become problems. Instead of waiting for something to break, Managed IT figures out what areas are vulnerable and fixes them before a large problem occurs.


Most providers only support certain components in their IT Managed Service plan. They’ll cover these desktops and those servers, but not this router or that switch. INX Open is different. It doesn’t matter what hardware or what software you’re using, we’ll provide support. This means you never have to worry about who’s maintaining what. We’ve got it covered.


Low fixed monthly fee. Predictable IT budget every month.

Unlimited, all-inclusive support.

Unlimited remote & on-site support.

Unlimited support for servers, desktops, applications and users at a fixed cost.

No IT payroll or staff overhead!

Minimize downtime, maximize productivity, increase profitability.

Get virus and firewall protection.

Reduce downtime of systems for staff.

Provide support to staff with computer issues, boost morale.

Make staff more efficient, save time.

Keep network and staff computers protected at all times.

Network and internet monitoring, ensuring your information is safe.

Automatic backup and testing of servers and critical data.

Antivirus and security patch update and monitoring.

Minimize downtime, maximize productivity.